Chantel delivers powerful, original content built on personal experiences that she customizes to her clients’ needs.

Life Coach

Chantel offers coaching for military, financial, and empowering women.


Chantel is also an author and her first book is in production.


Hi, I’m Chantel

This journey started for me back in 2008 when my husband Jon came back from Iraq. I wanted to write a book about what it was like to be the spouse of a deployed soldier and document the trials, tribulations, and emotions that the family that is left behind endures. As I was writing, I was approached to make a key note speech out of it, and so I did. I then designed a dog tag that represents the families or Home Front Warriors, as I call them. My mission is to bring awareness to the families left behind, spouses, children, parents, etc. 

The speaking and book then turned into becoming a coach and inspiring others to move forward with their lives no matter what they have endured!  I'd love to share my story with you and help you along with your own journey. Call or email me today to get started. 

Homefront Warriors

HomeFrontWarrior Dogtag

Purchase Dog Tags

Buy trademarked Homefront Warrior dog tags to show your support of your military family. $6.95 each plus shipping.


Chantel’s Book


Homefront Warriors

Chantel's first book is now available.



Chantel's background from living out of her car at one time to a successful Real Estate Agent, College Professor, and now Author, Coach and Speaker allow her to identify with or apply insight to many audiences.

Military Families

Reaching out to military families and their support systems to help them understand the Trials and tribulations that come along with a deployment.


As a child of divorced parents, Chantel has seen many sides a divorce can have and has had to deal with many issues regarding divorce.


Going from homeless to home owner.  Inspirational stories about how with hard work and perseverance can overcome the many hardships we face.

Sexual Assault

Chantel has a powerful story about child sexual abuse, molestation, and rape.